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My name is Farida, originally from Morocco. My passion for skin health started ever since I was fourteen years old! I used simple oils and creams on my sisters and cousins at home making them homeopathic facials. They loved how relaxed and refreshed their faces looked after I was done with them. This hobby flared an urge in me to take my love for skin care to a whole new level which would help me practice skin care professionally.

Therefore, I decided to study at Dr. Renau in Montreal, Canada. I successfully obtained my 2 year skin care diploma in 2000. In 2001, I moved to Florida where I was able to work at a high end private spa doing facials for many affluent women from different backgrounds. During my service, I noticed that I am very good in detecting the different types of skin disorders! For example; I was able to detect the difference between a malignant and a Benign melanoma! I’d then refer my clients to see a dermatologist. I am proud to say that my observations were mostly accurate! Therefore, to further my career, I decided to take a couple more diplomas in my field! The first one was CME (Certified Medical Electrologist) and the second one was CCE (Certified Clinical Electrologist) at the Boca Beauty Academy. Graduated with honors!

After successfully completing my diploma at the Boca Beauty Academy, I traveled to Morocco to visit my family. To my surprise, I unraveled my magic potion that would work on thousands of women’s skin, saving them years of aging when used as part of a healthy everyday skincare routine! All of this was formulated by my loving brother and great pharmacist Abdul Hak who had ingeniously put together a proprietary, potent skin care product that worked magic into the faces of all those women and men who used it, including myself! Today I am 55 years old and I am proud to say that I do not wear any makeup to cover skin imperfections or hide wrinkles; thanks to the amazing Nova Skin, anti aging products which have transformed my life and the lives of many other women who used it back home in Morocco and here in the US for the last 15 years!

Another amazing product that took Europe by a storm is called Huylarome anti-aging facial cream! It is made in Southern Morocco from all organic ingredients. I have introduced this product 2 years ago to my clients here in the US and they all swore by the phenomenal results they were able to achieve from these five star products! It is all pure and organic USDA approved. The active ingredients are genuine Cactus and Moroccan Argan oil formulated for anti-aging skin care. These products are now very popular in several parts of Europe and the Middle East!

Come rejoice with me and lets spread the love and amazing accomplishments of these fabulous products to achieve everlasting beauty to those who own it. Long lasting beauty and youth is yours to keep forever!. So smile and feel your best today by trying out our potent skin care products brought to you by Faces by Farida. Try it and you’ll love it! Guaranteed! That’s the beauty of Nova Skin Care.

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